IMG_2583 3Berkeley Jane Fisher

I’m here to share my self-love and self-acceptance journey through reflection, terrible dance moves, and my love for writing. My aim is that somewhere out there, someone is gaining hope through my struggles. I have overcome so much, and so can you.

I grew up in a small town in Western North Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I made it through high school and college with an amazing support system and my determination. I graduated with honors as a first generation college student with a BA in Communication and a focus in Organizational Leadership, and somehow ended up in the beautiful, smelly city we call New York.

But not without a few hurdles. 

For most of my life,  I have struggled with my depression and anxiety in silence.

And that’s why I created this blog. I want to break that silence. I want to break the stigma of mental health — the one that says we can’t and don’t talk about it. The one that says it’s not normal. But that’s all bullshit.

Mental illness is something we HAVE to talk about. It’s absolutely up for discussion. I never want another person to go through what I went through alone. You can’t always choose your circumstances, and you don’t get to decide to have an illness, but you CAN choose to reach out and help others when they go through a tough time.

I aim to help those who need strength and support. My hope is that with every post, every tear I’ve shed, every awkward time I’ve been my true, vulnerable self, I will be able to help someone going through traumatic experiences and love themselves just a little more. 

You are not alone. We are fighting this together. You matter to me, and you matter to so many others. More than that, you matter… to yourself. You are worthy of self-love. And hopefully, my words can help you believe that down to your beautiful, strong bones. 

You matter in this world. Keep pushing. 

Okay, but like, who is this chick?

People would describe me as outgoing, bubbly, feisty, fun. But you wanna know my secret? I’m a die-hard introvert. I gain my energy when I’m surrounded by candles and plants, holding a cup of tea. 

I’m also probably THE biggest nerd. My nose is always in a book, and chances are, the sound playing in my headphones is NPR or a book on Audible. I LIVE for documentaries and my favorite podcasts are history related. I prefer avoiding all people except my closest friends and spending time either at the park or a museum. 

I am not a licensed therapist. I’m just a girl who went through some rough times alone and then found out that I wasn’t really alone. I’m on a self-love journey, and I don’t want to do it alone. I can’t cure you. I only aim to inspire you. I want to make sure you know how much you are worth. Cuz babe, it’s a whole lot.

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What do the logo flowers mean?

Venus Fly Trap

The most badass plant out there is the Venus Fly Trap, so of course, we have to add it. It symbolizes encouragement and persistence, something that anyone on their mental health journey needs to have in their toolkit along the way. Plus, it’s native to North Carolina – I have to add a little NC flavor in here somehow. 


Edelweiss is a symbol for courage. These flowers, originally found in the alps, survive the harsh winters and bloom again every year. Those with mental illnesses must move forward with grace and courage, determined to bloom again. 


Chrysanthemum has a simple message: honesty. At Stigma Breakers, we are searching for our most vulnerable selves, and we can’t do that without being completely honest, most importantly to ourselves.

Spider plant

Why do we run this site? Because we care. Spider plants represent caring, something that we represent with every post and every interview. We chose the bloom of a spider plant, something rare, to signify the constant blooming of ourselves and our care for others.