“I’ve never used medication for a mental illness, so I was scared, but seeing your page and posts about your own experience actually inspires and reassures me that I’m not alone. You’re one of the bravest people I know.”

Our followers feel supported.

“I have a student that has depression and I shared your blog with her. She read one of your posts on my phone and started crying. She said, ‘she’s just like me!’ She can’t stop taking about how incredible it is that you are writing about this. I am so thankful that you bring mental health issues into the light. Your words are really helping my student!”

“Your post about loving yourself despite weight gain really meant a lot to me, and I talked about it in therapy. You are an inspiration to me.”

“Thank you for being so open. It has made it slightly easier to cope with my anxiety.”

“Your posts always help to remind me that I deserve to be love myself, so thank you!”

“Thank you so much for posting mental health content. I’m struggling with similar things and it’s a new world to me. I love knowing I’m not alone. Thanks again!”

“I always make it a point to click through your Insta because there’s always something that makes me feel better and like I can make it during my anxious days or when I’m feeling down.”

“Your posts encourage me in ways I’m not sure you understand. I know I don’t know you, but I feel we are on a similar journey and I’m thankful you’re sharing yours.”