If You’re A Teenager Struggling With A Mental Illness, Keep Fighting

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal thoughts

“In my head, I’m in a pitch-black, dark room. Things are scattered all over the floor. I can’t see what’s in front of me. Every time I get the courage to take another step, I trip over something else. I fall back down and hurt myself… and I can’t get back up.”

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Breakups Cause Heartbreak, But They Create Growth

Wes had a tumultuous childhood. Between kindergarten and eighth grade, he had been enrolled in 12 different schools. He moved states frequently. He wasn’t able to make friends. Holding down a relationship of any kind is hard when you’re constantly moving. 

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7 Ways To Protect Your Mental Health At Work

I absolutely LOVE my current job. I have a supportive department, uplifting coworkers, and an encouraging work environment. I love it, but at some point, work will almost always feel like too much, especially when you’re dealing with a mental illness like depression or anxiety. When you’re struggling with a mental illness, how do you protect your mental health at work?

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Finding A Therapist Sucks, But I Promise It’s Worth It

Finding a therapist is often the hardest part about therapy itself. I have been in therapy before I came to NYC. I went a few times in high school. I had my breakthrough about my depression in college and had a great therapist from the school’s therapy center. When I graduated and moved back to my hometown, I had a therapist I didn’t really like. Each of these therapists had journeys to find them. Some more difficult than others.

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