8 Steps For Setting Boundaries

You know that one person who doesn’t take shit from anyone and they have no guilt for standing up for themselves? Or maybe, it’s a person who loves you unconditionally, but tells you when they’ve had enough. Sometimes that looks like saying no to plans because they are too emotionally drained. Sometimes it looks like saying no when they don’t want to have sex (shocking!). Or it could be giving up relationships that hurt and no longer help, like a family member or friend since childhood, no matter how hard that goodbye is.

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Boundaries Are A Reflection Your Values

Boundaries essentially mean that you call the shots. You choose what your limits are, and when someone pushes them, no matter who that person is, you say enough is enough. That doesn’t make me seem like a bitch, right? So why do boundaries always get such a bad rap? 

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Sorry I Was MIA, I Had A Mental Breakdown

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal thoughts

I realize no one is sitting here wondering “Hmmm, I wonder why Berkeley hasn’t written in a month? I sure do miss her oversharing her life on her blog!” But I felt like it would be disingenuous if I didn’t share what’s been going on. And you know, I live into vulnerability and breaking the stigma, after all.

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If You’re A Teenager Struggling With A Mental Illness, Keep Fighting

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicidal thoughts

“In my head, I’m in a pitch-black, dark room. Things are scattered all over the floor. I can’t see what’s in front of me. Every time I get the courage to take another step, I trip over something else. I fall back down and hurt myself… and I can’t get back up.”

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Encouragement Goes A Long Way, No Matter How Small

Last night I was on Facebook, scrolling aimlessly, as one does while in the fifth month of a pandemic and lockdown. I saw a post from a friend that said, “Put this on your timeline and let everyone describe you with one word.” Not really thinking about it, I shared it to my own profile. I figured people would say some funny, lighthearted things, and that would be that. But when you expect one thing, the Universe throws you something else, whether good or bad. Some of the words I got made me tear up:

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