16 Accounts To Follow On Insta For Happier Scrolling

When I started on my mental health journey, I didn’t follow a ton of self-love and body-posi accounts on social media. My feed mostly consisted of friends, people I no longer talked to from my town or college, and celebrities, including every Kardashian. It also consisted of fitspo accounts and workout accounts to get me ~motivated~ and ready to shred my abs (aka hate myself and my body more).

I had seen a few posts about following the people you want to get inspiration from. I had also told my friends if they didn’t like who they followed, they could always unfollow them. I took my own advice, and went through my feed. I unfollowed anyone I didn’t genuinely care to see (shout out to Insta’s “mute” feature).

I started building up a repository of self-help, body-posi, and feminist accounts. I love the sweet messages and artists that create them, and I love to share them. So many people lately have told me lately how they love my positive feed. This made me realize that I can share with y’all the best accounts to follow if you want some love in your feed (and in your heart). Have at it!


1. @empowerpuffgurl

2. Veronica Dearly (@veronicadearly)

3. @selfcareisforeveryone

4. Dani DiPirro @positivelypresent

Mental health

1. The Mighty @themightysite

2. @ownyourstigma

3. @littleearthlings

4. @lostgotfound


1. Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda)

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IT'S FINALLY HERE 😭😭 Body Positive Power is OFFICIALLY out in the US & Canada today!! So obviously I did 50+ spinning pictures so that my dad could capture the hair flip on the cover exactly. The dizziness was real. • This book is every single thing I know about why we hate our bodies and how to accept them instead 🌞 diet culture, healing food relationships, ED recovery, health, exercise, belly love and so much more is in there, including a step-by-step guide in the final chapter for getting started on your body peace. 💜 • I'm pushing through the anxiety of self-advocating to say that it would mean everything to me if you would consider supporting the book! If you're financially able, you can get yourself a copy through the link in my bio 🌻 if you've already read it, maybe gift a copy to a friend who you know is struggling with body image 🌸 if money is tight rn that's okay! If you're able to support with time you could leave a review online, or even just a comment here telling others what you thought of the book would be so helpful 🌼 • I know this might never sell as many copies as the latest diet book will, but I'm still hoping we can get the word out enough to send a message to diet culture that we're over it 💁 THANK YOU for sending that message with me. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 • [Image description: Megan is holding a copy of her book Body Positive Power and replicating the hair flip on the front cover against a pink background] #bodypositive #bodypositivity

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2. Caroline Dooner (@thefuckitdiet)

3. @hi.ur.beautiful

4. Ashlee Bennett (@bodyimage_therapist)

Feminism/girl power

1. @feminist

2. @feminist.lisa

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More brands like @chnge in 2018 👏

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3. @feminist.leslie

4. Becca Rea-Holloway (@thesweetfeminist)

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