10 Products Guaranteed To Make You Feel Like The Badass Woman You Are

Being a woman is hard. Scratch that. Being a woman is challenging only because the patriarchy constantly puts pressure on us, and in return, men tell us how to act, and women pit against each other fighting for the ideals those men put in front of us.

It’s exhausting. 

The constant pressure, the hormones, the rules and standards. It can be too freaking much. But we are goddesses, put on this earth to overcome these hurdles. The challenges women face make us stronger, but there’s no doubt it can take a toll on our mental health and wellbeing.

There’s no one way to be a woman. We are a unique blend of empowering, badass beings. And sometimes, when we don’t feel that way, we need a pick-me-up. We can count on a few products and tools to get back into our “kicking ass” mode.

1. Maybelline Made for Me lipstick

Nothing will make you feel more badass than a perfect red lip. Maybelline’s seven lipsticks in the collection were tested on 50 skin tones, all various shades of  beautiful. This way, you can guarantee the shades will look amazing on you. My go-to is the “Red For Me” in the collection. The formula lasts pretty much all day and is so incredibly smooth. Add a leather jacket and you’re an immediate badass.

2. The Killer by Love Wellness

Being a woman means taking care of questionable things down there. Yeast infections, BV, weird smells — you name it. After my doctor constantly prescribed me stuff to balance it out, she recommended The Killer, a natural, intravaginal, pH balancing supplement. And it does just what it’s called. No more smells. No more itchiness. Warning: you will have terrible discharge while these babies sit in your cooch overnight. Wear a pad and ride it out.

3. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

When I was at my lowest point, questioning my life, a friend recommended this book. Rachel Hollis walks us through the lies we tell ourselves. Lie Number 3: I’m not good enough. I listened to it on Audible, and repeated certain chapters until I felt them in my soul.

4. PlusOne dual head vibrator

Look, we can admit it: women masturbate. Nothing feels good as an orgasm. And when only 25% of women orgasm from penetration alone, we need to take it into our own hands. Literally. This bad boy has 10 different vibrations, is waterproof, and inexpensive, making it truly *chef kiss* for us all.

5. Element Candles

Nothing sets a mood better than a candle. Try to go for all natural (if the label doesn’t tell you, it prob isn’t natural). Choose a candle with natural wax, like soy or coconut, and learn about the oils they use for scent. You wanna breathe in the good shit, okay? Element, other than being totally natural and with essential oils, uses wood wicks, which make a nice crackle sound when they’re lit. 

6. The Happy Planner Encouragement stickers

I love stickers. No shame. My favorite sticker pack to date is the Encouragement pack from Happy Planner. Designed for planners, you can also use them in journals, on letters, or your vision board. Hell, you may want to stick one on your forehead to remind yourself that you can do anything. With almost 900 stickers in this pack, you are guaranteed to find a sticker that validates and uplifts you.

7. Billie

Nothing feels as good as freshly shaved legs on clean sheets. Billie’s starter kit with a razor, extra blades, and a magnetic holder costs NINE BUCKS. I’m not joking. It’s a five-bladed razor, and all women know you can’t do shit with anything less than four blades. Stay smooth and never shop for razors again, because they ship directly to your mailbox at the interval you choose. Best part? Billie says no to the “Pink Tax” and yes to 1% sales donations towards women-related causes.

8. Cora tampons

One thing that’s inevitable as a woman? Your period. But hey what’s in those tampons we use? Spoiler: they aren’t just cotton. Cora has organic feminine products designed to keep us clean and safe. Give your cooch some organic love.

9. Savage Fenty lingerie

“It’s not for you, idiot!” we scream to all men. Nothing makes me more turned on than seeing myself in lingerie. I love Fenty because it’s size inclusive, representing all women. I’m not one to get all laced up in a corset bodice, but I do love a good satin robe with feathers and a silk set. Indulge for yourself, babe.

10. Nurx

One thing I wish I had as a teenager was Nurx. While I’ve moved on to the implant, Nurx makes birth control pills easy, confidential, and cheap. No longer are the days you go to the pharmacy, stand in line for 20 minutes, and find out that your birth control is $50. Consult with a NP online, get it shipped to your door, and enjoy life. 

I know many of these products are geared towards women who were assigned female at birth. The reason for this post is not to be selective, but to embrace the femme world and our mental health. I hope that some products can be helpful for women of any anatomical sex, because no matter your identification in regards to “woman,” you are worthy and valid.

As women, we are told to apologize and forgive and be humble and quiet. Fuck that. The feminist movement challenges that. You may not embrace the feminist movement like I do, but you can embrace yourself as the goddess you are. You are worth living life lavishly.

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