Encouragement Goes A Long Way, No Matter How Small

Last night I was on Facebook, scrolling aimlessly, as one does while in the fifth month of a pandemic and lockdown. I saw a post from a friend that said, “Put this on your timeline and let everyone describe you with one word.” Not really thinking about it, I shared it to my own profile. I figured people would say some funny, lighthearted things, and that would be that. But when you expect one thing, the Universe throws you something else, whether good or bad. Some of the words I got made me tear up:

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I Denied My Sexuality And My Happiness To Fit In, But I’m Done With That

I had an awful time in high school. I loved the school I went to, but there were a few upperclassmen that treated me like absolute shit — and that included my on-and-off high school boyfriend. When I say they treated me like shit, I’m talking tampons on my car, shrimp in my mailbox, egging my car and house, etc. They also called me a slut for sleeping with upperclassmen, and all the while, on the inside, I was struggling with my internal homophobia. 

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Theater Was My Therapy At My Darkest Times

Trigger warning: self harm, cutting, rape

I remember my first anxiety attack. It was my freshman year of high school. Right before bed, it felt like I was having a heart attack. My chest felt as if it was going to collapse in on itself, and my back felt like it was going to be snapped in half. I told my mom about my back pain, and we went to the doctor. They diagnosed me with scoliosis.

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